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Strike Out Stats

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Written by an Avid Bowler, this Bowling app will track stats that will help improve your game!Keep track of your bowling stats by adding games frame by frame, roll by roll! Enter Bowling Pins you left per shot to see what spares you leave, how often you leave them, and how often you pick them up!
League Play! Organize your bowling games into the leagues you play in so you can see how you are performing in each league!
Tournament Games! Default tournament modes are singles, doubles, or team. But you can add any other type of tournament that you roll in. Tournaments allow you to enter different types of games for the same day of a tournament. Enter game specific details so you can track stats by Bowling Ball, Bowling League, Bowling Alley, Oil Pattern, etc!
-If you don't feel like adding bowling games pin by pin, you can add only game score.-Backup / Restore bowler information! On the first page of Strike out Stats tap Menu -> Import/Export Database.-Import scores from trial. NOTE: Must export the database from the demo version first. After exporting from the demo, you can then import that database into the full version.-Edit Tenth Frame - Once your game is over you can edit any frame by tapping the frame number above that frame.